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Ms. Magazine - Vol XXI, No 2 / 2011 Spring

Price: $5.95
Item Number: MM-11-SP
In the Spring issue:

- Ms. features a new report that reveals just how deeply the FBI's Uniform Crime Report definition of rape - in use for the past 80 years - affects rape reporting in the United States.
- Women of the Arab spring: Unsung feminist activists face the aftermath of political upheaval. What's in store for women in the Arab world?
- Catholic hospitals: Bishops, not doctors, are deciding what's best for women.
- What would bell hooks say? From Lady Gaga to Twitter to gay marriage, bell hooks opens up about the state of feminism today.
- Preserving the future: Indigenous women are taking on big oil—and winning
- Wichita's woman physician braving harassment and threats to carry on the work of Dr. Tiller.
- The stakes are particularly high for Wisconsin women—how they're fighting back against union-busting
- Modern-day Amazons fight big business to save Brazil's rivers and rainforests