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Ms. Magazine - Vol XXI, No 3 / 2011 Summer

Price: $5.95
Item Number: MM-11-SU
In the Summer issue:

- Ms. reports on how the media mischaracterized Ensign's sexual harassment of a staffer as an "affair."
- Saudi women drive! Get the whole story on the fight for gender equality, including women’s right to vote, in Saudi Arabia.
- The Republicans’ relentless war on women carries on.
- "SlutWalks" are cropping up all over—how young feminists hope to give an old slur new meaning.
- To fully understand the “Winfrey Effect,” take a walk in Oprah’s shoes.
- How To Stop a Serial Rapist: The vast majority of rapes are committed by a surprisingly small number of repeat offenders, but there are simple steps that can be taken to stop them.
- When Feminist Art Went Public: Celebrating the Women’s Building, and the remarkable artistic community it nurtured from 1973 to 1991.
- Summer Reading: 18 great new feminist books.